When entering into contract with MakeRank, you as a customer are bound with the following terms and conditions.

MakeRank will undertake work that has been allotted under the mutual agreement. Authorization for the order can be given by you through mail, telephone call, a facsimile, a mailed letter or a voice mail message.

If your URL is dropped off the search engine lists, MakeRank cannot be held responsible for the same. Also, any failure on the part of the Internet Service Provider will not be the responsibility of MakeRank. All the services from the company will solely be provided on the basis of availability. MakeRank does not take responsibility of actions that are not under their control like natural calamities, equipment failure, lockouts and strikes.

You can get in touch with us on the address given on the contact us page for further information about pricing of the services.

If you are facing any issues regarding anything while you take the SEO services from MakeRank, fill up the contact form to get in touch with the company officials. All other queries regarding terms and conditions can be sent to the email address of the company.