Having a strict SEO privacy policy is an important issue for us. Search Engine Optimization is all about doing better than your competitors. It is therefore essential that any information provided to us by a client will not be divulged to a third party unless there is a legal requirement for us to do so. Our SEO professionals operate on a need-to-know basis; they only have access to the information they need to run the project. If you look at the testimonials page of our website you will see one consequence of our privacy policy. The testimonials don't include contact information for the website owners. Although they are invariably happy to discuss their experience with MakeRank.com, our policy is that such interaction should only be with their prior approval. An area directly impacted by the SEO privacy policy is reputation management. For obvious reasons, despite our very successful work in this area, you won't see any testimonials referring to reputation management.

MakeRank is a leading SEO/SEM company with over 7 years of experience and having the enviable record of increasing the profitability of literally thousands of websites by placing them into top search rankings and achieving high conversion rates. The team possesses excellent technical and interpersonal skills ensuring that quality campaign results and first class customer service are delivered. Currently we have over 700 employees with a client base of over 1000 and a client retention rate of 99%.