“What is SEO?” It is a ubiquitous question nowadays. Our set of FAQs below will help you get answers to such questions and topics related to it. These FAQs have been put together based our experience while implementing the technique and experience with our clients. People all over the world are searching for information through the major search engines, namely Google, MSN (Bing) and Yahoo. It is for these search engines, the majority of web traffic is generated. At 37 billion, Google is responsible for approximately 61% of worldwide searches, while it is 8.5 billion for Yahoo and 2.2 billion for Microsoft. There are also a few search engine companies that are country-specific. However, they have become prominent in their own territories; namely, Baidu in China and Yandex in Russia.

SEO is often misunderstood and therefore, we hope our FAQs will give you s simple step by step approach to understand SEO. With this set of FAQs, you will you gain a deeper level of understanding about Search Engine Optimization. The answers to the most commonly asked questions related to SEO are quick and simple. You might also come across few links and other information to help you understand SEO better. If you think we have missed out anything then do let us know.