A website that uses a good number of keywords is likely to feature among the top sites of a search engine’s results page. Knowing this, an ineffective SEO company India can decide to pack a website with as many keywords as possible so as to guarantee that it will rank among the top search results.

This strategy works sometimes, and which is why you will find some useless websites on the first page of your search results. However, this practice is unethical because it is basically a manipulation of the search engines and it effectively wastes users’ time as they try to sift through the irrelevant results.

Fortunately, www.makerank.com is a SEO company India that does not take this easy route. We instead use ethical Search Engine Optimization practices that include paying attention to the quality of content on our clients’ websites and ensuring that these contents feature effective keywords and which are appropriately used. These practices ensure that our clients’ sites benefit by getting more traffic while users benefit by finding useful information.